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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Will the Real Mark XLII Please Arrive ... ...

Of course, I'm not saying this isn't real... What we have here today is the Nendoroid Hero series Mark XLII with hall of armor. Ain't it cute?

This my second set from Good Smile Company who does all the SD (Super Deformed) version of manga or anime characters. However, they have also caught up the Iron Man frenzy and made versions of the armor. The other set that I have is Mark VII.

I like this due to the fact that it comes with hall of armor. The box art included a glimpse into the 'House Party Protocol' hall of armor.

Let's take a look at the hall of armor with all the first 7 suits.

The arrival of Mark XLII. This guy here has fantastic articulation if not for it's lack of CG due to it's big head.

Paint job here is very nicely done and for once, it looks like a diecast piece.

What's different from this set is that Good Smile included Tony's entire head.

They have also included an alternative left leg that is posed to all the iconic Iron Man ground punching pose.

Here, can you see my non-articulated leg?

The head and the helmet comes with multiple pieces which need to be remove to achieve the head in the helmet effect.

An additional display stand is provided with 2 different length support which you can pose it standing or in flight.

The support works with the hall of armor too and boy, I love the pix above.

For the price I paid for this, I think it's worth it. However, this probably will not appeal to all.

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