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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Devastator Wanabe ... ...

I had always wanted to own Devastator when I was a little boy and when I can afford one, I was particular about articulation and G1 version just doesn't pass my expectations. Of course, you have all the newer version of the Devastator but I still prefer the green heap of metal carnage of yesteryears.

Well, I guess collectors need to be careful with what we wish for or we need to find ways to earn loads of mula to support our thirst of 'Collect'em all!'

Other than Hasbro and TakaraTomy that makes licensed Transformer toys. There are few toy companies that ventures into remaking what the former companies fail to do; make really good products. 

One of such companies is Maketoys. A japanese company that specializes in making Transformers more anime accurate. However, these are probably not recognized by TakaraTomy or Hasbro for fact that it's a slap in their faces for all the years in manufacturing, they need someone else to perfect their abstinence. Without proper licensing, this is named Giant Type-61. The number 61 is probably the fact it's 6 combine into 1. They did a yellow version earlier last year but this more accurate version had me part with my $.

The packaging is also very old school with additional carton within and the main items are packed in a blister pack.

Devastator comes ready to be assembled and within minutes, it's done. My childhood dream realised but with a hefty price tag.

Articulation is fantastic for a combiner and everything just stays in place and there is no hint that there are 6 robots to make Giant Type-61

Some details noticed here other than all other great details will be the head with retractable visor and movable mouth.

An alternative head is provided too but I prefer the more menacing one earlier.

I mentioned the yellow version of this and that one had a non-removable crane arm. Honestly, I like this one better with the removable crane arm. Because of this added feature, the crane arm combines with the parts of the blaster to form a melee weapon. I will feature that the next round of review.

The fingers have individual movements as well which makes holding the weapon much easier to manage.

Ok. So, this is part 1 of my review on this fantastic figure and after manhandling it, I'm convinced and confident with the price I paid for it.

I had some fun with it with a little action below...

Minimal Prime: Hey Devy boy, eat dirt!!

Devy boy: Please let me go.....

Devy boy: Daddy daddy! I've been bullied....boohoo hoo.

Daddy Devy: Show me who dares bully my baby.

Minimal Prime: n n n not fraid of you.

Daddy Devy: REALLY!!

Minimal Prime: Daddy!! Help!!!!

Optidaddy Prime: Pick on someone your own size! KAPOW!!!

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