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Sunday, February 2, 2014

En Blok Iron Man Mart II ... ...

These are from my son and he ingeniously came up with his own hall of armor and the gantry with whatever parts he can find at home.

Beneath the hall of armor lies the 'house party protocol' suits armory. However, due to budget constraint, we see only Mark XLII.

The gantry idea was pretty good and it even came with graping arms and screw units.

Suited up and check out the hair below. Swag!

"Come on, I'm not afraid of you..."

In my earlier post, I mentioned these are bootlegs and I had done some modifications to them. My son prefers the original China Iron Man with very minimal modification. So, here they are in their bootleg glory.

 Midas plus blades

Heartbreaker with large RT chest shield to prevent heartbreak

Bones with grey hands

War Machine ready to be a fireman

So, there you have it, the sayings of "Like father, like son" sure holds its truth.

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