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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

TRU Ang Bao Sale Part II ... ...

This entry continues from the previous TRU Ang Bao Sale purchase. The other 2 items I bought and I had actually no intention to pick them.

However, I was really glad I took the Scout Speeder Bike as this is really a much improved version from the first exploding version I have so long time in a galaxy far far away ... ...

Ok, let's not get carried away. The other speeder bike is the Separatist Speeder with a Geonosian Warrior.

I shall start with the Separatist Speeder and I got it because of the speeder and of course the price is very decent.

The Geonosian Warrior is one hideous creature and if I remembered correctly, this guy is like a zombie in one of the clone wars episode. Anyway, this guy is one bug that I don't really like and wouldn't have got if not for the price and the speeder.

He comes in parts and they can be put together rather easily but easily, they fall apart too.

Hasbro did pay quite a fair bit of attention into the figure in terms of details. The figure comes with a blaster too which can be held very decently with no issue.

Ah... the speeder. A very interesting speeder with a huge engine chasis at the rear with the cockpit up front. The details of the cockpit is rather well-done too with working seatbelt. The pedal has pivot points too.

The figure sits very nicely on the speeder. 

Next is the Scout Trooper Speeder Bike with Cannon. 2 for the price of 1, if not cheaper as I don't recall the actual retail price. These are hand painted and no one bike is painted exactly the same as the other. See pictures below.

Initially, the price was the concern which is a reason why I passed by the stacks of it countless times. Then I realised and appreciated why TRU priced it this way even if it's on sale; to prevent scaplers!

The scout trooper isn't your regular 3.75" figure and this is designed to specifically ride the speeder. However, articulation points are kept the same.

The cannon which can be deployed for action on the ground with a tripod stand and it can be stowed away under the speeder which I will show at the end of this entry.

I really dig display stand and this one here is very well made.

The speeder is really another piece of artwork with so much details that went into this small wonder.

It comes with a front landing gear to stablised the speeder and if you are find it disturbing, you can simply snap it out.

The engine turbine hidden beneath the bonnet of the speeder is another detail I truly appreciate.

The stay goes into the back of the bike making it seamless in terms of displaying the speeder in flight.

One issue is the scout trooper don't exactly sit properly and if you push it back sightly, his hands will force the bonnet open revealing the engine.

Attached the cannon beneath the speeder and this is really one piece that can proudly sit in any display case.

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