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Sunday, February 16, 2014

War Machine Reboot! Mark II from Iron Man 3 ... ...

I am impressed! Hot Toy's Diecast venture is fantastic and I'm glad I didn't give this a miss.

The reboot has the packaging reviewed as well and I like this new design much like a Russian doll.

This is 3rd of the diecast series with Mark XLII and Iron Patriot as 1 and 2 respectively. However, War Machine Mark II which was featured in the movie should be debuted as the first release and makes it rather an exclusive item when it's not found in the movie.

The main figure is packed in styrofoam and with nicely laser cut cover.

The figure came out of box with a lot of heft and I am deeply impressed by Hot Toys and it's been a while I 'wow'. at a toy

Though many metallic parts, this figure has quite a fair bit of articulation and there are many movable panels that allow for more movement like those on the feet and waist.

Below the styrofoam is a plastic tray that housed the display base and finally, Hot Toys realised batteries shouldn't be left in the figure.

The battery compartments have also been relocated along with the switches which made them more concealed.

The display based also have made this figure more prestiges. 

In the midst of my oohs and ahs, I realised there's something not right with the left shoulder and good thing the arm pops out easily.

To my horror and I really didn't expect the shoulder piece to be faulty and at first I thought I could simply glue it back on but so understood it's a manufacturing defect. The piece actually holds one of the 2 springs that allows for better shoulder movement. Hopefully, Hot Toys can do something for me.

Anyway, I was still persistence to do something with my trusty glue and yes, the piece stayed on during the shoot but the feel of the spring load isn't the same as the right shoulder.

Well, the blog must go on and this figure still has a lot of good points and the paint job is one winning factor and in fact the metal pieces are casted with the colors on making it very 'real steel'.

There are many tempo print too and makes Lt Col James Rhodes's suit very air force like.

This forearm laser is something not in the promo picture and I'm not quite sure how it works.

Extra palms and hands are provided and the salute is achieved with some optical illusion as the arms and the head does have a distance that is hard to reconcile.

Articulation is decent enough to do some dynamic poses and the shoulder canon does allow for multiple positions and it can shoot almost every where.

In short, this is a fantastic figure and I believe the item should have flown off the shelves as we speak.

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