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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Roadblock Ahead ... ...

 This figure is one of my must have and it's really due to the armor and it's a G.I Joe!

 Packaging is the regular pull out box with movie box art as the sleeve.

Roadblock comes kitted and take probably took the fun out of kitting but I'm not complaining.

Roadblock's armor is a regular Joe issue but there's a 'R' and a skull logo in front and back respectively to distinctively single out Roadblock's armor.

If not for Dwayne's tattoo, I wouldn't bother to remove the armor and his shirt. By the way, another black T is provided which I will not be exploring. 

Let's put him back together again and look at his ranges of weapons, starting off with his SAW.

This item is still in stock and I have to say this item is superb.


deSMOnd said...

He looks good in certain angles..I bought this but no time to take it out for review :P

Jonloh said...

Oh, he comes ready to pose. Minimal work. Faster than Snake Eyes