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Monday, September 15, 2014

Announcing the Arrival of Mark XLII ... ...

After all the hype and anticipation, Hot Toys finally shipped out the much anticipated MMS197 Mark XLII from Iron Man 3.

I have been waiting for this since the trailer of Iron Man 3 and since the Suit Test Version. Well, it's in my hands now and ... ...
I think I'm experiencing the diminishing marginal returns as I'm not as excited as I was with the earlier release of War Machine 2.0 and Iron Patriot. Even Red Snapper gave me more joy.

Let's see why am I not overjoyed with Mark XLII? First, packing is same old, same old.

Secondly, after handling the earlier release of Diecast versions of War Machine 2.0 and Iron Patriot, the novelty is lost.

This time, Hot Toys decided to make a showroom condition Mark XLII and I'm quite concerned about how long this shine will last.

Third reason I'm disappointed is look at the exposed screw and switch at the back for the arc reactor LED. I mean, come on Hot Toys! You did much better before!

Fourth, the battery compartment and switch for the head is kind of tacky and with the 2 huge magnets there at the battery compartment, it was 'fun' installing the batteries.

Ok, switching on the LEDs kind of redeemed itself from all my displeasures and my expectations of a $300+ figure.

Argh!! The screw and switch is really an eye-sore.

 Fifth, it still can't do the landing pose properly without looking ridiculous.

The pose isn't perfect even with the added 'butt-on' quick release switch that swings out the leg joints forward more.

Everything else is rather predictable and expected of an Iron Man figure. Looks like I've reached an plateau for Hot Toys.

A closer look at how the swing-out leg joints work

Over here, we are looking at the swing-out joints for the shoulders.

This set came with the battle-damaged parts and when they say parts; Hot Toys meant it. They only partially damaged it. The interesting innovation here is the forearm parts is held together via magnets. Nothing new if you ask me but hey, I have to give credits when it's due.

Hey, the malfunctioning missile is the first change and it is in battle-damaged paint.

Now, what I meant as partially damaged is what you see here. The parts provided is more for the upper torso and the arms only. The rest of the armor is in pristine condition.

I've seen a better battle-damaged Iron Man from Hot Toys. Shame on you Hot Toys.


Well, I may just be simply expecting too much from Hot Toys but I should think with the increase in their retail price, they do owe the consumers a bit more excitement than disappointment.


deSMOnd said...

I heard Mark 42 got lots of issues..Is that right??

Jonloh said...

Yes, I have read some but luckily for me, not this time. Quite happy with it.