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Sunday, December 28, 2014

I finally have all the Dinobots ... ...

However, it wasn't the G1 version. I used to own Swoop and Snarl but sadly I've sold them off.

Michael Bay in the latest Transformers Movie Age of Extinction revived the Dinobots but he as usually did radical changes to the original designs and the names of most of the Dinobots are dropped as well, except for Grimlock.
I got this set because of the chrome and paint application which is different from the regular ones released earlier.

Hasbro really packaged this mainly for collectors but it is quite a value pack as it contains 3 deluxe and 2 voyager class toys.

A short synopsis of the Dinobots can be found at the back and 4 of which are a revolution of the G1 Dinobots.

Grimlock is still Grimlock
Slug is Slag
Slog is Sludge
Strafe is Swoop

Of the 5 in the pack only Grimlock, Slug, Strafe and Scorn were featured in the movie.

Other members that were not featured are Snarl (which I have), Slog and Slash.

The Dinobots comes in Robot mode and they are designed based on the medieval times much like knights and even their weapons are mostly medieval types. The materials used are plastic with chrome treatment to most parts and transparent smoked plastic to other parts.

Let's start with Grimlock the leader and I'm quite surprise the voyager class looks really good. I got my son the leader class Grimlock as it looks much better. However, now that I have the voyager class in my hands, I'm happy with it.

Poseability is really good though the weapons could have been held in a more dynamic manner.

Dino mode is not as fantastic with a very large head. I don't quite like that push button gimmick to get the jaw to move.

The Leader Class Grimlock stow the weapon away much discreetly.

Next is Slog and robot mode is as good as Dino mode.

Scorn is another well-made figure.

Slug is very sleek in robot mode but the Dino mode can be better.

My favorite of the lot is Strafe and I kinda like the treatment of making it double headed. This Dinobot looks the best in both robot and Dino mode.

 A bit of illusion that it has only one head.

Flight mode in Dino mode is fantastic!


deSMOnd said...

They look great when displaying them side by side.

Jonloh said...

Yes, they have to and I feel the scale between the voyager and deluxe is a good match.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Wow! Great display and great pics! Scorn flying in the neighbourhood kind of fun... The metallic paint with clear parts goes very well!

Jonloh said...

Thx Dennis. I'm glad I have this set. Kind of a childhood dream realized.