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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crazy Dummy ... ...

is what I kind of feel like for going down the path of purchasing of my 5th 1:6 military man amongst other accessories.

This here is from as mentioned, Crazy Dummy and it's a US Navy Seal Team 3 soldier with the head sculpt of David Beckham which is weird (quit soccer to protect L.A. from invasion?) but I'm not complaining with the head sculpts I've been getting.

The packaging is not exactly collector friendly as the main figure tray doesn't provide enough clearance space like those from Soldier Story or Playhouse. The accessories tray is worse as there was no way of removing it without damaging the flap. I managed to cut it out with the flap intact.

The figure comes with the AOR1 desert camouflage uniform and Oakley desert boots and I think this is one of the best in my current soldier collection.

Kitting this up after 4 soldiers has become less torturous but glue and loads of tweezers actions apply.

After a couple of hours, I've everything slapped on him, well, almost everything. This figure comes with 2 sets of hands and I'm impressed with the gloved hands which allows for freewill articulation. It's most probably wrapped with wires.

Finally, complete the figure with all the patches, SORDIN headset with radio, helmet, sunglasses, Garmin wrist GPS, smoke grenades, flash bang grenades, pistol magazines and other accessories which he has a whole host of.

After meddling around with a few sets of such figures, I've kind of concluded that everything is produced by identical or similar mold. Everything looks and feels almost identical from one company to another.

All right, so that is about everything complete with the hydration backpack which I'm excluding this time.

The promo picture used for this featured another pair of  boots which did not exactly match with the overall feel of the Seal. This one that is in the final packaging is sweet!

Another thing that I've noticed is the licensing and trademark issues as Camelbak is spelled as Camflrak which is phonetically impossible.

Ok, what triggered the purchase actually would be the pre-order for the SAW MK46 by Crazy Dummy and I figured that since it will cost me around $30 on that rifle; I might as well get a complete figure along with everything else.

This is Crazy Dummy's first complete figure and by far, the rifle and the boots which are their initiate offering is superb. Looking forward for more to come.


desmond said...

The weapons and accessories are very well made..Very nice!!

Jonloh said...

Ditto that Des. Definitely one of the best by far. Now, I'm contemplating on getting more of the SAW that's on pre-order