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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dollsfigures? Go Figure ... ...

one of those times when things are purchased with no actual intent and kind of random in nature.

What I have here is a mash up of Hot Toys truetype male's head with Alpha Toys body and Dollsfigures Dark Tool Uniform and Equipment set. Kind of a rojak combi here.

It all started with Dollsfigures' Dark Equipment uniform set (the one with the red coat) and it was rather intriguing and so I preordered it and then I had to include the Dark tool set as well cos I need a pair of boots.

And so, everything fell into place for a kitbash. Really like the overall suit and the red coat from Dollsfigures which reminds me of Devil May Cry's Dante.

Hands need to be removed for the gloved hands to fit onto the forearm but you need the feet in the boots which was rather tricky.

 Hot Toys' head isn't exactly Dante but it will do for now.

Nothing else quite worked with this head from the Dark Tool set; helmet is too small and the strap for the gas mask broke the moment I stretched it.

Then I realised I bought a set of sunglasses from ACI as well and had the last one left. It fits like a charm on the Hot Toys' head.

One more went to Jay;

and the other to Tony.

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