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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ride with Drossel Fireball Charming ... ...

on her unicycle motorbike, Joseph. This is probably the reason why I bought Drossel Fireball Charming in the first place. See previous post here.

Figma's box art never fails to impress. I appreciate the detailing and the thoughts put into the color scheme.

Packaging is as usual with protection to the item with plastic sheets.

Joseph is unable to stand independently even if the back stand is used. You will need to use the display stand provided and I rather it being transparent instead.

There are a lot of details on this vehicle and it follows the same scheme as Drossel herself. "Joseph" is bodly printed on the back and front of the bike.

Joseph is an interesting ride that has Drossel's head fit snuggly into the HUD of the cockpit (scroll below). Mine has a little defect in terms of the tempo print application; it seems slanted.

After a couple months of waiting, Drossel is all excited about seeing Joseph.

As mentioned, to ride Joseph, Drossel needs this special HUD headset that will fit her head onto the cockpit.

The engineering design is superb and you know it when the figure and the vehicle seems to fuse to become one.

The green hue in the front that looks like headlight acts as a camera to capture what is on the road which will be fed into Drossel's HUD through the cockpit.

This is indeed a very nice and if I may say, sexy ride.

End of the ride for Drossel and then I realized I've posed her wrongly on Joseph after I packed everything back into their respective packaging. See below and you will know what I mean.

Her head extension is meant to be outside unlike what I did to tuck it in the bike. However, I personally think what I did earlier is better looking and it's more logical to tuck everything in rather than having something so long dangling outside.

Anyway, Drossel is happy and I'm really glad I bought this piece of art.