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Saturday, February 9, 2013

DISplay ... ...

if you have it and I've come across a great way to do so ... ...

Introducing Master Light House 01 from Legend Studio.
This is a fantastic piece to own when you are into displaying your toys with lights and this comes with 8 adjustable LEDs with touch switch! The price is also another wonderful news. Check out TFH for more details.

The packaging is another story because I've only seen this treatment to toys not pheriperals such as a display case. A customized carrier and it's clear.

Box art is a schematic display of the item on the front and back shows simple instructions which is really redundant for this innovative product.

Noticed it's labeled '01' So, I supposed we will see more and they have kept their options open with a dual digit numbering system.

Slide the sleeve cover out reveals the actual box. Below shows everything needed and the only thing I'm skipping now is the USB power cable. I'll stick to batteries.

The only gripe is that the mirror piece is not properly protected and so, brace yourself for scratches and many of them.
I must say that it's purely my fault to miss out the fact that there is a layer of protective film to protect the mirror and it's not like I've not encountered this before....However, I really had missed that and complained about it until I was reminded that that's a film! Dud!!

Anyway, here's how wonderful the mirror looks like after the sheet of film is removed.

Closer look at the base which is interchangeable as a cover, shows the connecting slots for the LED bulbs and adapter slot + switch. The touch switch area is where the copper can been seen (middle front).

Assembly is a breeze and it takes no more than 5 minutes to get the case propped up.

 Insert the batteries and "Let there be light!"

The front acrylic is slightly shorter for easy removal, there's a spring load on both the cover and a little push and pull removes and insert the cover easily. So clever!!

Stacking them up may be an issue as the touch sensor is really sensitive, you'll get a light pattern going on as it turns on and off automatically.  Well, photos don't tell much about that. Try it when you get yours!

Overall, this is really a must have piece for me and I believe prices will start to incline once this batch is sold out. Grab it now!!

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