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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Masterpiece Soundwave ... ...

is one of those classic G1 Transformers characters which I believe will be released under the Masterpiece line. Takara Tomy finally made my dream came true.

However, it came a bit too late as I had wanted it to be like Convoy; diecast. Masterpiece in recent years have been less than up to expectation constructed mainly out of plastic. I had to get this mainly for the reason this has been a childhood fantasy which I never had.

This is probably my last Masterpiece as I really feel the pinch paying for this.

I received 2 freebies from this release; not sure how though but I'm not asking. The gifts are 2 energon cubes and a commemorative coin.

Out of box and nothing surprising about Soundwave and it came as what I expected it to be.

something cool is the swivel shoulder canon which of course is not an original design. This came to be to accommodate transformation.

 Soundwave do come with loads of details and authenticity to make it as anime accurate as possible.

It even comes with the eject button to release Laserbeak from the cassette deck.

Laserbeak comes as a cassette tape that is really authentic and transformation is easy and the alter mode is anime accurate as well. Look at the camera that can be retracted on its head.

It even comes in a energon colored cassette tape case.

The hand held blaster can be retracted and mount on the back of Soundwave. When retracted, it's designed to look like a battery.

Articulation is very good here with many possible poses such as the one above. The picture below has the left hand converted into a sensor which can be mounted on the back.


Other accessories include the data sheet display which Soundwave use to explain schematics and messages. There's also the empty energon cubes which appears from his chest too. What a useful chest he has.

Time to transform him to its alter-ego mode; the cassette player or walkman.

This is really a great piece to have and it's definitely a must for all TF fans. Brings back loads of memories and most importantly to me; it's a realization of a dream.

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