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Monday, February 11, 2013

Halo Master Chief ... ...

by Playarts 改 Kai under the gaming company Square Enix. I bought this mainly because of the earlier Solid Snake release which was a rather pleasant experience.

I don't own an Xbox nor have I played Halo but I'm kind of familiar with this UNSC Spartan II Petty Officer aka Master Chief.

This figure is from Halo 4, the latest installment of the Xbox franchise. Packaging is a flap type box.

The reverse of the box gives a glimpse of the next product; Spartan Warrior; skip... Open the flap and you see Master Chief in a display window cutout with a tinge of blue at the bottom.

This release came with a display stand which to me is rather redundant but may came in handy for other figures like perhaps SIC.

Accessories are kept to Playarts tradition; minimal. Assault rifle, Plasma Piston and 2 trigger hands. By default, Master Chief comes with open hands. For once, I'm asking for clenched fist hands...

The weapons fit into the suit via a peg and it looks a little not so aesthetic with the peg sticking out.

Articulation in terms of likeness to a humanoid is high with it being able to achieve the draw weapon stance.

Articulation in the legs department is pretty decent too with click joints and multiple articulation points.

Trigger hands look very authentic almost squeezing the trigger.

The figure came with a slight glazed chest armor for a subtle battle damaged feel.

Overall, I'm not really impress with the figure and this is perhaps due to the fact I'm not a Halo fan. Anyone interested in this figure? I'm kinda letting it go and say bye bye to it after Halo.


Unknown said...

Those joints make this figure look TERRIBLE!!

Jonloh said...

Yes, I totally agree but guess I have to live with it, isn't it?