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Monday, February 11, 2013

Part Man, Part Machine, All Cop ... ...

Robocop, one of my favorite movies from childhood back in 1987. That's why this is a must have for me when I saw Figma has this on their release list.

The reason why I'm posting this only now is I actually forgotten where I stowed him after shifting to my new place despite me opening every single box that I know at home. Then one day, mysteriously, I found it in one of the boxes which I had opened countless times. My son had a theory about time travel to explain what happened; but that's not the focus of this post.

Box art is as all Figma style with loads of pictures of the product. I've noticed the "For Sale in Japan Only"; don't remember if I paid more for this.

Figure is authentic and I appreciate the details to even the color which has this tinge of purple when reflecting light at various angles. However, the purple hue is painted on but it's good enough.

Even the piston in the heel retracts and extends and is held on via a ball joint.

The hostlers for the primary weapon, Auto-9 needs a bit of work to get the movie effect. You need to remove part of the thigh to have the open holster effect.


Articulation is rather limited with this but it does come with a series of different hands to relive the movie.

There is a blaster effect that adds a little realism to the Auto-9 firing.

I was rather excited to see the battle damaged helmet which I thought I'm going to see the head of Murphy when I remove the helmet. Well, see the picture below to know it's rather disappointing to see that Robocop is all Robo and no man.

One of the accessories is the data spike for it to access mainframe for information; think R2D2.

I like the fact that the figure could be taken apart which in one of the movies, Robocop was dismantled and almost terminated. However, I'm not sure about the skin color for the neck connector.

RoboCop: Come quietly or there will be... trouble.

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