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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bravo to Oritoy and The Falcon's Hangar (TFH) ... ...

I have to credit the 2 company for their efforts in ensuring customers' satisfaction in terms of the toy collecting experience.

Walked in to TFH to collect my prescription of toys when they asked me to picked up an envelope that came in.

 It's from Oritoy and the package contains replacement parts for the Stronghold continuous tracks which they have spelled as threads.

Above is how the original tracks looked like. No joints and it's one piece of rubber and there is no movement whatsoever.

Open up the package and you will find 2 packets of connecting pieces for the continuous tracks and an instruction manual. How thoughtful.

You'll need 40 pieces but they gave extra 6 in each pack just in case you screw up the process. I need to say this again; how thoughtful.

Follow the instructions if you need to to get the old track removed and the new track installed. See above picture for the comparison of the new and old. Detailed ones below with the old and then the new track.

So, there you have it the old piece of rubber have to go with the new decent track add in; free of charge!! No questions asked...Oritoy just felt that it is only right to make sure their customer's are happy.

I have to make it clear that the installation isn't all that simple as the weathering effect done by Oritoy was so good that the paint fused everything together like super glue and you need to have 3 things to get this right without breaking anything

1. Patience
2. Strength
3. Steady hands

I lack item 1 and 3, thus resulting in breaking one or two parts but it doesn't affect the toy in a very big way as you can see in the pictures.

The remaining 12 segments are left hanging at the back as all good combat engineers will know where to keep their stuff where they can find them when needed (I made that up).

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