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Sunday, May 4, 2014

May The Fourth Be With You ... ...

celebrating 37 years of Star Wars today, I wished I have the time to be at Jurong Regional Library. I shall contribute with my review of the Prototype suit of Boba Fett designed in 1978.

You've seen this from the earlier post so, let's get on with things.

Well, you either love or hate Sideshow products for various reasons and I rather love them. Come on! Show me another company that does better 1:6 scale Star Wars products. The only thing I hate about Sideshow is that body under the suit. So, can't change the company, change the suit!

Anyway, this is a prototype suit for the purpose of the movie and it's as white as snow much like the shiny stormtrooper fresh off the production line. The body that's used this time is slightly better but the click joints at the knee can be a pain to manage.

Sideshow adopted Ikea's packaging style and this was packed shoebox like and an innovative way to pack the stand. I was reading a review and some guy ask for a manual to remove the support from the base. That's the exact reason why this genre of 'toys' is meant for 15 and above.

I really like the prototype weapons and in fact I think they look more futuristic but Boba has this thing for classics like his father, Jango and thus the final approved weapons has a bit of the western feel.

Some effort needed to get the look right as packers ain't collectors so don't be a spoil brat and demand things to be as what it is out of the box. If that's how you play it, get a 3.75" and that's 3 years and above.

The side arm is really another piece that tells you this is simply a mock up and no way it will be used. The holster is simply a short sling and to remove the weapon to shoot will result in being shot first.

The complete look with cape and rocket booster pack on. I really like this and hope the white stays white or at least off white in years to come but I ready for a yellow yellow, dirty Boba.

He looks no different in monochrome.

There has been complaints that this is just a repaint and Sideshow is milking collectors and the way I see it; don't bother if you think it is.

The earlier Boba Fett release (see above) too suffered desertion from collectors as they feel that the color is off and not authentic; if it's any more authentic, you'll be George Lucas.

To me, this is another piece of art and let's move on with life. Make it simple. It's either you buy or you don't and keep your comments to yourself.

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