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Friday, May 23, 2014

Stark with May's Random Purchase ... ...

Some random stuff I've bought this month. I've gotten a new pair of shoes for Spade J from Very Cool. Next to him is Tony Stark in Racing Suit from Iron Man 2 from Very Cool as well and the head is from Hot Toys's Mark IV. Below the 12" figures are Super Hero from Sheng Yuan Toys.

Let's start with Sheng Yuan Fako Legos

There's Cat Woman, Wonder Woman and Nick Fury.

The Sheng Yuan's Wonder Woman has a angry expression which is different from the box art.

Catwoman is like "Meowlicious"

Nick Fury isn't to be trifled with.

Oh, working shoes looks so much better...

But some mods needed as the hole is too small for the regular Hot Toys True Type body's peg.

This purchase is more of an indulgence and I had chosen the Super Duck version earlier until Very Cool did
1. A revision to the racing suit
2. Added an option to get a set with headless body

Pretty impressive, I must say.

I don't own Happy, so Tony needs to handle his own Mark V suit... just before Anto Vanko aka Whiplash attacks.

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