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Monday, May 12, 2014

Dam Toys Neptune Spear ... ...

This is probably my first review of this figure from Dam Toys as I had only intended to kit it up but it took a much longer time as I thought I needed. Well. I guess I'm satisfied with my end product.

I'm really am very satisfied with Dam Toys' quality and I'll be expecting more of what they can offer.
I started the day with the objective of simply completing the helmet...

This is one of the reasons why I purchase this set. Simply beautiful.

Then, I decided to take a look at the second reason for the purchse; the tattoos. 

And then, I decided...why not put on the accessories on the belt. I must mention that Dam Toys has made a Dam good belt with working sliding bucket and Velcros that worked!

The G-shock is so well-crafted that you can tell time and conicidentally, It was 3.30pm when I took this picture. The only thing I think it's not right is shouldn't it be 24hr clock?

Then I decided to work on the low profile chest vest and PTAC vest.

Then I'm left with the weapons and I continued to be amazed by the quality of Dam Toys.

Then I figured why don't I just kit the dam toys up.

Some people says the head is too cartoonish. Hey! Have you seen Dam Toy's Zombie and Gangstars' Kingdom? Anyway, I like the head.

Dam radio!!

But it was dam good of them to have ear holes in the ear to hold the ear bud...dam cool!

In case you're a mountain tortoise, the story behind this figure is these guys...kicked Osama's butt so back, he kicked the bucket. Read more here.

I probably will revisit this page to update or take him out for another round of photo shoot.

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