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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Holy Macaroni! Batman and Robin Strikes again ... ...

As promised from the earlier post, this entry will look at all the accessories from Hot Toys's Batman and Robin from the 1966 TV series.
So, let's start of with taking a closer look at Batman under his suit to explore how does Hot Toys create chunky body out of their standard True Type body.

Pop the head off and unzip the suit, you will realize there is another suit within and unzip that will reveal a extra padding and that's how the chunk is done. Ok, that is as far as unzipping will go.

Take a side profile and the rear and this is really authentic

Standard Hot Toys display stand and the one in Robin's pack is the same as well. Robin has the same display stand with Robin on it.

Here is the stand at close up and the accessories Batman has.
1. Bat Rope to be attached to Batarang
2. Batarang
3. Shark Repellant
4. Bat Radio
5. Bomb

Now, Batman will demo how each item looks on him.

Batmna: Some days you just don't know where to dispose of a bomb!

Batman: Stop staring at my underwear!!

Robin: Holy baloney Batman, could you stop it..

Ooi! I've to cuff you with my Bat Cuff that came in my set of accessories.

As Batman's sidekick, Robin gets to have a smaller Batarang.

Notice the holes on the Batarangs? It's for the Bat Ropes to go through and the dynamic duo do the classic Bat Climb scene in the series. A compilation can be viewed via YouTube

I realized, the way I've done it lack realism so, enjoy those starting below. I had fun shooting them. Come to think of it, the picture above was indeed how the set looked like when they filmed the series.

Moving on to modern times, viewers can tell how the cape is supposed to dangle during a climb scene.

Robin: A little help please...

Lego Batman: (harsh throaty voice) Old timer, you're entering the wrong set...

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