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Monday, February 9, 2015

Hot Toys Mark XXXVIII, Igor has arrived ... ...

This was first thought to be Hulkbuster suit and it came in red in many of its earlier pictures before Iron Man III was released.

However, it's a big blue boy and it was nothing more than a heavy lifting suit that Tony needs around to build things and hold up falling containers.
It came individually packed in a carton box due to it's sheer size.

The packaging is a simple box type and on the top inner flap it does say "The house party protocol, sir?"

I took a few more shots thinking I will discard the box as it is really too big and there are no other accessories for Igor. Igor comes protected in foam packaging with loads of plastic wrappings.

He is huge! I do not have Iron Monger or Hulk and so this has to be my largest Hot Toys figure. It is about the size of a newborn baby.

Loads of details and I really like the industrial like paint application done to Igor.

Looks like Tony did loan this to the US Army.

It came with 12 button batteries and removing the various compartments allows for batteries installation.

Light it up and Igor is bright enough to be a table lamp! The picture below is Igor being the only light source.


Articulation is very good for something this big and I really am anticipating Hulkbuster from Age of Ultron. I hope I do not need to get Mark XLIII for that.

Igor can stand upright and as in the movie deploy its hydraulics prowess to support structures.

All ready to catch.

Good neck articulation which allows the head to extend out for greater range of movement.

Size comparison and since Ultra Magnus is still around, Igor can play with it and now Ultra Magnus looks so small.

Let's take closer looks at some of the intricate parts of Igor. This is really a movie masterpiece.

I withheld my intention to throw the packaging as I realized Hot Toys packed the Hall of Armor for Igor already.

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