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Saturday, February 14, 2015

threezero Titanfall Pilot ... ...

Following from the earlier post of the Atlas, this post will focus on the pilot.

This futuristic soldier is heavily armored and equipped to the max to carry out his mission. He is equipped with booster pack too for really awesome moves in the game and rodeo on the Titans of his choice.

Armed with the R-101C Carbine and a side arms (non-removable), pilot is ready for his mission.

In order for him to fit into the cockpit, the waist attachment needs to be removed.

Choose your favorite color of our choice.

Clearer shots of the inside of the cockpit.

The pilot's suit is well-coordinated to the Atlas's color scheme

Although the figure doesn't come with working ankle joints, he can balance quite well on the Atlas.

Series of photos below re-enacting the 'rodeoing' of opening the core hatch and destroying the core.

Re-enacting opening the hatch to kill the pilot inside.

Victory! Claiming the Atlas for his own.

In the earlier post, I mentioned the removable drum magazine of the XO-16 Chaingun but did not show it. See below photos.

I'm so happy with my Atlas but I'm so sad I have a small house for such a huge toy...

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