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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Medicom's Amazingly Miraculously MAFEX #004 (Amazing Spider Man) DX Set ... ....

My first Medicom Figure isn't a 1/6 scale RAH (Real Action Hero) but it's one of their newer offering in smaller 1/12 scale action figure dubbed as Miracle Action Figure. However, it's nothing but an overpriced action figure as I experienced it.

I was at many occasion tempted to get a 1/6 scale Spider Man from Hot Toys but really held on but this set seemed like a good alternative.
This set comes packed with lots of space and it weighs unusually heavy for a plastic toy. Let me just bring you round the packaging before unboxing.

Below is the reason for the heft in the packaging. This faux wall is made of solid metal and it comes with supporting stand to hold it up at an angle.

The rest of the accessories packed together is the figure stand above and the webbing with suction cups (which wasn't in the promo pictures).

In the promotional pictures, the webbings is on the wall as if spidey has cast it on the wall.

OK, let's take a look at the miracle action figure. Well, it's more of a mediocre one. Nothing special about it at all and it's all so familiar in the articulations.

With the figure stand and the loads of accessories provided, you can create the scenes from the movie.

However, try not to do everything you see in the movie as they are professionals who has gone through hours of training to achieve the poses. Any attempts by amateurs will result in broken limbs such as below.

But, it ain't amazing spider man if it can't be fixed in a jiffy! Super glue on and Spidey is back in action.

The start of the movie has Spidey encountering Aleksei Sytsevich, who had stolen a truck load of Plutonium stored in vials like the one below. Spidey intervened and managed to retrieve all with his amazing acrobatic skills.

After a hard day's work, Peter leaves and Aunt May called to remind him to get eggs on his way home.

The DX which stands for deluxe includes accessories like the haversack, skateboard, mobile phone, unmasked head sculpt of Andrew Garfield (which was badly made unlike the one seen in the promotional pictures and the packaging) and Spidey's mask seen in the pictures here.

Some fun before going home and Peter forgotten all about the eggs.

The head sculpt is so badly made, it shall never be used again.... Some other accessories included the fireman hat and hose Spidey used to battle Electro in Time Square.

Then there is the loudhailer and manhole cover Spidey used in the final scene where Aleksei Sytsevich piloted the Rhino.

By the way, the hands aren't able to hold the manhole. Some play imaginative is needed.

And there is a cliffhanger after the manhole is tossed towards Rhino.

The last set of accessories will be on the feet and hands for Spidey to crawl on the wall.

Perhaps, Spider Man 3 can consider Singapore as a shoot locale and I have the poster shot ready for use above.

Overall, I'm not impressed but with the abundance of accessories, it will do.


deSMOnd said...

Bro, get the Hot Toys version..

Jonloh said...

I know and I'm keeping far away from HT as far as possible. Too many HT releases for me for the time being.