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Monday, February 9, 2015

Oritoy Acid Rain Bucks Team ... ...

Do you have that unsettled feeling of purchases made? Bob and Steel from Acid Rain under Oritoys just gave me that feeling. Ok... this shall be my last Acid Rain individual figure.

I will attribute that feeling due to the price of the figure. At $35 each is rather steep for a 3.75 inch.

Let's first look at Steel who wields a rocket launcher. There is some nice touches like the fabrics and weathering but it really doesn't impress.

I do appreciate the attachment provide to hold the extra missiles and the rocket launcher in place.

The price charge also went to the fantastic articulation the figure provides.

Next is Bob and I presumed he is leader of Bucks Team. By the way, the logo of a buck can be seen on their left bicep. Bob comes with a few head gears and interchangeable head. He has some fabric like materials for his scarf too. Nice touch with the weathering but the paint application on the face doesn't stay went and I actually scrapped off the paint by simply handling the head resulting in a uneven color tone.

The weathering effects do peel off as you can see the little specks on the table top came from the figures.

I prefer Bob without the helmet as I've too many helmeted Acid Rain figures. There are other members of the Bucks Team due for later release dates but I think the buck stops here for me.


deSMOnd said...

The head is very detailed sculpted.

Jonloh said...

Yes, Now I'm tempted to get the rest of the other 3 figures from Bucks Team.

AKA AL said...

Sculpturing those figures will take a lot of time to finish it. I'm tempted to get those 3 too.

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