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Monday, February 9, 2015

Dam Toys Spade J (Memories Ver) ... ...

Dam Toys hasn't disappoint and it really lives up to its reputation with this quality product.

I've been following the releases under the Gangster Kingdom line by Dam Toys and every single one has been fantastically produced. However, I held on until Spade J (memories ver) for it's outfit and accessories.
Dam Toys starts to amazed starting with the packaging. It is firstly heat wrapped and the texture of the box is woodgrain-like.

I'm impressed by the artwork that goes round the packaging and this is the kind of box that I will find it hard to dispose.

More surprises with the cover doubling up as a backdrop of a park.

A well-designed insert with the calling card of Spade J 'Ogier' and the back story of how he assassinated a rival mafia boss at a funeral.

The quality of the card is superb and the picture above shows the back of the card.

Gangster Kingdom adopts the cartoonish head sculpt and we have my all time favorite 6" figure; Jason Statham. I really wonder if he gets some loyalty fees for his frequent exposures.

The figure comes fully clothed in a trench coat with vest, shirt, tie, pants, socks and shoes. I believe J spots tattoo but I am not going to strip him to find out.

His shoes, tie and vest are intricately produced.

The lower foamed tray reveals all the other accessories, sunglasses, Hat, Scarf, Leather bag, pipe, ArmaLite Ar-7 rifle with magazines and Glock 17 pistols with magazines.

It also came with a comic book depicting the assassination.

The pipe is really a very fine piece of accessories and I had a lot fun posing and taking photos of J smoking it.

The sunglasses is well-made too and I shall now get J ready for his mission with his ArmaLite Ar-7 rifle.

Let's load in the 15 round magazine. The rifle is originally fitted with a 8 round mag.

Mission accomplish and J takes a stroll in the park.

The AR-7 rifle can be dismantle and parts of the rifle actually fits into the stock.

The bag is another nice touch with the compartments for the weapons removable via Velcro.

The great assortment of accessories really made this set a joy to shoot as J gets ready to shoot.

Bottom line is I am deeply impressed and I will wait for my next character from this line.

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