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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Hot Toys Black Panther from Black Panter ... ...

Not exactly a Black Panther fan but Hot Toy's creative idea to relive the cinematic marvel had me sold. The gimmicks are ultraviolet lights and paint applications to allow the below display effect which is exactly how the new Panther Habit suit behaves when it charges up with kinetic energy.

Packaging is shoe box type and the usual treatment done for the box art with varied print texture.

This is the irritating plastic wrappers which are very difficult to remove if you like to repack everything once you are done. The reason is the tapes ends are jagged making removal a chore. Hot Toys, if you could, please cut your tapes cleanly and this would make removing the tapes so much easier.

Figure is very clean and it's basically a rubber suit over an improved Hot Toys True Type male body. Articulation is solid with clicks and once posed, the joints hold in place well.

On close inspection and you will notice the additional 'print' that would illuminate under the ultraviolet light.

The lighting tower and no where in the promotional picture that I would expect this to be made of styrofoam and papers being stuck together. However, the inclusion of a DC point is a redeeming factor.

Put everything together and turn on the lights and what a sight it is. Makes the perfect table conversation piece.

Do take note that the suit is somewhat sticky when contact with certain materials and best not to attach the fists back when repacking. The left fist above was stuck to the wrist like superglue.

Wakanda Forever salute can only be achieved as above and never leave this figure posed with the suit creased or stretched if you intend to own it for a couple of more years.

Above, I have switched out the visor and replaced with T'Challa's eyes.

Another two towers at the back would ensure the back of the figure being lit as well. And Hot Toys did think of that with additional plug points for that possibility. Perhaps I should make my own...

The switch and the DC point. Note that 'On 1' is for battery operation while 'On 2' is when DC is plugged in. Hot Toys should and must have this new option for all light base please!

The mask offers visor eyes or actual eyes and the switch is easily achieved with the tool supplied.

Space given, this would be permanently displayed. One Up to Hot Toys!

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