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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Hot Toys War Machine Mark IV from Infinity War ... ...

Ten years of War Machine and today we have the Mark IV from the Infinity War.

My collection of Mark I, Mark II and Mark III. This is probably my final War Machine and will skip Mark VI but I do own the Marvel Legends but since it stays in the packaging, it will not find its way here.

Mark V did not make it to the cinematic universe and I look forward to Iron Patriot II.

It's amazing to think that it has been 10 years and I was definitely still wowed by what I see and feel. I am extremely impressed by Mark IV and let me share with you why.

The Infinity Theme packaging has grown on me and I have Iron Man Mark L, Thor and Iron Spider Man of the Infinity line.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the digi-camo which I didn't notice in the movie. The heft is also very noticeable and it really feels like a tank in my hands.

Above, the standard issue of batteries and tools. Below, the battery compartments and switches.

There are fewer panels to be removed for War Machine compared to Iron Man.

Turn on the switch and the red LED sure makes War Machine a mean killing machine.

The back missiles packs and the back-mounted machine gun are nicely concealed when not deployed.

An alternative head for the unmasking of Rhodey.

One thing which I didn't like about this is the drooping shoulder which is not realistic and it is rather strange for this to happen.

War Machine as its name implies other than its payload of fire power, is the armour that protects Rhodey. There are also joints armour plates and they opens up when the elbows or knees are moved. There are also armour segments on the waist areas and this allows for greater articulations. You have to own a diecast Hot Toys Iron Man line of toys to appreciate why they cost so much.

The forearm armaments are quite intense and sure to annihilate anything in front of it.

The additional shoulder missiles bullets are nice touches and Hot Toys came a long way for such details.

With all guns blazing, total obliteration is imminent. Since I have inserted the batteries in the forearm. I have to feature the repulsor palm below though it's more of a flight stabiliser.

A pity it came with such a shady stand and no wonder Rhodey wants to blast it to kingdom come.

More pictures and closed up shots paying attention to some of details on this impressive figure.

Another grouse I have is the screw that holds the back missiles. Hot Toys, this is not a Kmart toy!

Final dramatic shots to end the post.

Mark IV looks good in every angle and even when it stands down.

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