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Monday, April 13, 2020

Metal Build Evangelion Test Type EVA 01 and Production Model EVA 02

Bandai collaborated with Kanetake Ebikawa and produced the reimagined Eva 01 and 02 under the Metal Build toy line. Eva 01 was snapped up within minutes on the first day of online pre-order. I have to say I am lucky to get my hands on them.
By the time I get to know about the existence of Metal Build Eva 01, it was already way after the pre-order. However, I did not go on a hunt for it and in fact, I did not pick up the item even when I spotted it on the shelves when in Japan.

I managed to get these two through my regular toy shop and glad that they were in stock. Last check, Eva 02 is still in stock.

 Box art for both are simply fantastic and it is tough to throw away such well-made packaging.

Evangelion figures makes up quite a fair bit of my toy collection and I have told myself countless times to stop buying Evangelion figures but these Metal Build ones are hard to resist.

Let's start with Eva 01 and I have to bring out Bandai's Soul Spec Eva 01 to come inspect the new comer.

The Soul Spec Evas are based on the original design of Evangelion while the Metal Build one is more stylistic with angular corners. A huge significant feature missing from the Metal Build Eva is the shoulder pylon. In it's replacement, the pylon is attached to the back paying homage to its origin. The pylon in the original series contains melee weapons such as the progressive knife. I have five Soul Spec Evas and realised that I have only featured one. For those who are interested, you can see it here.

Pictures above and below shows the Metal Build version without the Pylon attached stands taller than the Sou Spec version. The differences are subtle yet noticeable. Personally, I really dig the improvements. 

Another feature missing in the Metal Build version is the plug entry point  (seen above) which I have never inserted into any of my Evas put on display.

The beauty of this product is the display that is modeled after the Launch Pad. Evangelions are deployed within the attacked area and raised to the ground through launch pad such as the one below.

Bandai took the effort to conceal the inserts when not in use and they even included storage possibility below the base.

The cable material is well-chosen to give a realism effect and I would say they have succeeded as this is the first time I have inserted the power cable into Eva 01. This are not charging cable and the Eva relies on live power feed to stay powered up for the pilot to control it.

Once, the plug is in with the pilot, Eva 01 is deployed. This is piloted by the only male pilot in the series; Shinji Ikari.

The pylon still serves the functions of the holstering the weapons with the holes on them. Below, the progressive knife.

Included in the set is the display stand enabling some flight or jump poses.

Below, the Magoroku Exterminate Swords which were never featured in the movie but this is paying homage again to Ikuto Yamashita's orginal design.

Next, the hand pistol which has limited effects on the Angels.

Below are features of what Kanetake Ebikawa has added for his rendition of Eva 01. First is the horn replacement piece which includes some kind of a goggle to enhance the Eva's capabilities.

Below, right and left thigh drop leg holster for more armament attachments. Above, the slot is concealed and can be flipped open to reveal it.

Shin and ankle guard on the left leg while the original ankle guard is on the right.

Definitely a winner here when it comes to an overpowered Eva.

Let's start with some sword play.

Next, the Pallet rifle which also has very little effects on Angels.

There are attachments to the pallet rifle and here is some form of a compression weapon.

 The other attachments include the grenade launcher and bayonet.

The berserk mode when the Eva takes over the control. 

The display like Bandai's Soul of Chogokin series allows for all the weapons to be displayed alongside the mech. Very grand way of displaying.

Now, Eva 02, the Production Model enters and she is piloted by Asuka Langley Soryu.

The display launch base before putting on the Eva and the sleuth of weapons and accessories.

Eva 02 out of the box and looking as good.

Borrowed the grenade launcher from Eva 01 to be attached to the Pallet Gun.

The Thunder Spear is a dedicated weapon for Eva 02 in the Rebuild of Evangelion. However, the pilot in that movie is Mari Makinami Illustrious.

The PK2 Progressive Knife that resembles a pen-knife is unique to Eva 02.

At this point, I had to take Soul Spec Eva 02 out. Here she is equipped with Positron Rifle (Prototype 20 with toroidal accelerator).

Back to Metal Build Eva 02.

Asuka decided to unplug Eva 02 for better mobility. When that happens, the Eva will function for 5 minutes to deliver maximum damage.

The two other progressive knives can be mounted on the shoulder pylon or the leg holsters. On the shoulders are also the spike missiles which were in the original series.  

The PK2 extended out and this is a rather effective melee weapon.

The google attachments comes with undeployed version above and the goggles deployed below.

If space allows, I would very much like to display the two in their full splendor. I just noticed that Bandai is reissuing 01 with a different paint finish and the inclusion of the Spear or Lance of Longinus. Will I get it? I don't think so. Will await how Eva 00 would look like and probably it will stop there. Let's see.

Update: The Eva 01 opened for pre-order today and it's snapped up within minutes again!

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