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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Hot Toys Neo from The Matrix ... ...

'He is the One'

1999, the year The Matrix wowed the audience with its intriguing story line and out of this world cinematography. The then Wachowski brothers (sisters now) introduced Bullet Time to the world.

Box art is like a movie poster with a plastic outer shell.

Removing the plastic cover, the box has the matrix raining code design on it. This is the flap type design packaging seen below.

Neo's head and yes, the likeness of Keanu Reeves (pre John Wick days) definitely there. Noticed that Hot Toys want to make sure this is their product seen below. However, it's a little disappointing to see the lack of a neck joint since this is one piece.

Put on the shades and we are back in 1999.

Comparison with and without the sunglasses above and below.

The display base is the tiles seen in the lobby scene during the rescue of Morpheus.

Since Neo is packed with his coat on, I did the dodging bullet pose first and created the bullet time gif seen earlier.

Let's add a little cinematic hue to the following shots.

While taking the photos, I realised that the faux leather has already started to crack and after posing Neo for the shoot, there were more cracks. So, one piece of advice is not to buy a preowned Neo.

Hot Toys packed only two Baretta 92FS when Neo is supposed to have four. Two in the holsters as seen and two slotted into the pants as in the instruction manual.

Let's start the showdown at the Lobby Scene. The props needed would be the bag load of guns which I don't recall Neo or Trinity going to the bag to pick up weapons from there which contains an explosive device which Trinity armed below dropping the lift to the lobby setting off a massive explosion..

Enters Neo into the lobby and puts the bag through a metal scanner and he walks through a metal detector.

The metal detector beeps and the guards asked Neo to empty any keys or coins. Neo shows him what is under his coat.

The guard exclaimed at the sight of the guns and Neo gave him a push before drawing his pair of Heckler & Koch MP5K.

Out of ammo and he threw away the MP5K and reaches for his pair of Barettas.

Overwhelmed by the intense firepower, he discards the Barrettas and out of nowhere, he took out a pair of Yugoslav Model 61 Skorpion.

Then a group of military forces entered the lobby with M16s and Neo discard the Skorpions for greater firepower.

Neo spotted a M16 on the ground and he somersaults to pick it up and started firing at the soldiers.

Most of the enemies killed, he draws his final set of weapons; Micro Uzi and sprayed.

Finally, Neo subdued the final soldier with a flying kick and punch kicked him down. The lobby scene then draws to a close with Neo and Trinity entering the lift; a wall tile falls...

This is a great figure to have but only if you enjoyed Matrix that much and would like to own a piece of Hollywood magic. My first unofficial Neo was reviewed in 2014.

Overall, this figure is definitely a collector's item and I may probably just stop at this One.

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