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Monday, April 13, 2020

Star Ace Ninja Batman Deluxe Edition ... ...

Ninja Batman is a 2018 animation film which sees Batman and whole host of Arkham Asylum folks being teleported to feudal Japan. It was quite an entertaining animation and for Batman fans, getting the Ninja Batman figure is necessary.

I chose the Deluxe Edition for the Samurai Batman which was featured at the final scene where Batman fought Joker to the bitter end.

Two ways to ensure you are getting the Deluxe Edition is the 'War Version' sticker in front of the box...

and the barcode at the back of the box that has (DX) on it. Interesting to note that this figure is made in Bangladesh.

Figure out of the box stands well on its own. sculpting is on point capturing the look from the animation.

Paintwork is also nicely executed.

Minus the cape and batman is rather fat with the rubber suit which feels like a fat suit. Articulation is horrible and definitely no ninja poses here.

I wonder if the suit will give way after some time if I maintain this pose for display. 

Let's just put the cape back on to hide the fats.

Some nice details would be the bat logo being applied to all his weapons, from the shuriken, kunai and the katana blade.

Putting on the Samurai or War Version is a painless process as all the armour plates attach via magnets. The only piece that is held by velcro is the thigh plate. The additional head is a war cry expression and I wish there is one that he closes his mouth for a more neutral look.

An additional Katana blade is included for the Deluxe Edition.

There is a specific hand to hold the kunai and shuriken.

Overall feel is rather mixed. On one hand, this figure looks good but suffers at poseability. I would have been happier with a smaller scale S.H.Figuarts version.

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