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Monday, April 13, 2020

Joy Toy 1/18 Scale U.S Special Forces Group... ...

Joy Toy, another Mainland entrant into the action figures market. They have released a whole line of different military outfits at 1/25 and 1/18 scale. They have all types of soldiers and Titanfall types Mechs. Today, we look at the 1/18 scale U.S Special Forces Group.
This comes as a set of 5 and within the set, there are additional hands (not enough for all the guys) for different gestures and a set of joints which in my case I had to replace a broken left knee joint.

The box art of each figure features individual soldier and the extra hands and joints is in the last box.

Let's get started with Figure A and you will notice it does not come kitted. I guess that's the idea of fun and I had thought the container is a smart idea which can double as a display case but that's not the intention of the manufacturer. Therefore, the case is rather useless and I suggest discarding it keeping only the cover which could be used as a display stand.

Figure offers multiple articulation points with double-joints at the elbow and knees. There is even front foot joints but it is rather stiff and requires some force.

The figure needs to be taken apart with some strength so you can fit all the necessary accessories on him.

Each soldier comes with a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, side arm and a knife. Primary weapon, side arm, tactical vest, belt, drop leg holsters, guards and helmet are identical for all figures.

So, all soldiers will look exactly like this if they all use their primary weapon only.

I prefer to display them without their helmet and using the container cover as a display stand.

The rest of the squad below and process of putting them together is the same.


Above, a picture of the figure taken apart ready for kitting.

All went well until our sniper who suffered a broken left knee joint when I pulled it out of the socket. Good thing, Joy Toy included replacement parts and that is really a toy that brings joy.

Band of brothers ready for special ops.

Below are the heavy weapons specialists; Gattling Will, Bazooka Sam and Sniper Joe.

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