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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark L and Accessories Set ... ...

Infinity War Iron Man Mark L and its weapons set has been sitting in my toy store for a long time. Time to do a review on it.

It's been quite a while since I was wowed by a Hot Toys product and with Iron Man, there is little Hot Toys can do wrong with it.

Everything is great about the product from the box art to the figure and the accessories that comes with it.

I find the paint finish of Mark L exceptionally well done compared to my previous collection. The figure comes well-protected and gone are the irritating plastic bags being taped down on the arms and legs.

Batteries galore for the head, arms, body and legs. For the first time, I have taken photos of where the batteries compartments and switches are.

The panels that need to be removed as above.

Batteries inserted and all lights working. This time Hot Toys included the screw driver and tweezers.

I was always fond of using the articulated fingers but this time, I stuck to the posed hands.

In the set, there are three accessories featured in Infinity War. The Nano Boosters as shown below. The Hand Cannon and Nano Repulsor Cannon next.

The fins on the booster can swivel and the flaps on the back of the figure can open too.

The chest panel removed revealing the inner parts and a clearer picture of the arc reactor.

The forearm cannon for the left arm.

And on the right arm is the Nano Repulsor Cannon. This requires the removal of the right forearm.

Be careful with the plates rubbing against other parts of the armour as edges are sharp and result in scratches such as those below. Good thing that all Iron Man figures are somewhat battle-damaged painted.

Tony's head sculpt is provided and we have seen so many variations of Tony already.

Let's move on to the accessories...

Well, everything is great about the accessories but there is no light effects to any of them even when they are plugged in to the forearm connector. Hot Toys use the paint to mimicked the light effects.

 First up, the Katar and the Elliptical Shield.

The top portion of the Katar is broken as it is an accessory for Thanos figure to enact the fight scene where he ripped off the weapon.

Next, is the Energy Blade which can be wielded on both hands. The hands are provided to hold the weapon.

 Then, we have the Hand Blade which is attached to only the right arm.

Let's move on to the Power Mallet for only the left arm.

Follow by the Battering Rams for both arms.

Above showing the arm connector and below all the limbs removed.

The Foot Thruster put on and if his arms can be positioned to hold a sword downwards, it would make a nice Iron Oscar statue!


Finally, the Foot Clamps which were quite a challenge to pose as there are limitations to their movements.

The last piece is the Gauntlet Constraint which was used when the Avengers attempted to remove the Infinity Gauntlet from him.

So, that's it and it's farewell to Iron Man Mark L as it goes into permanent storage.

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