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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Hot Toys Darth Maul with Sith Speeder from The Phantom Menace ... ...

I like Darth Maul and had been waiting for Hot Toys to make a fanboy happy. They did that and included the Sith Speeder; woohoo!

The Darth Maul theme box art is superbly done and the texture gives you the very dark sense of what lures inside the box.

A metallic Darth Maul card sits on the lid and there is a red hue depending on the angle of view. I did not bother with removing it from the plastic bag.

I was in shock when I removed the lid as I have Darth Mould instead as the figure is infested with moulds! For a moment, I was wondering if it came in camo outfit.

I have to strip him to almost the bare essentials to get rid of the moulds. Left it in the sun for 30 minutes before I carried on.

Welcome back, Darth Maul. Let's get down to business.

Those rolling eyeballs are quite scary as Hot Toys really did a good job in creating very lifelike figures. Good thing this is only 12" tall.

If you had noticed above the hilt of the light saber was awkwardly latched on as I couldn't find the attachment. Then I realised there was one on the battery operated light saber and subsequently found more wrapped in a tiny bag when the extra wrist connectors are stored. The attachment and the holster reminds of Peak Design's Capture. Perhaps, Peter got his inspiration from the Jedi.

Provided are swinging blade effects but why only one arm with the battery operated light saber? I want them to light up when Maul wields two of them.

The Sith Cloak adds a bit more menace to Maul.

One last roll before we go look at the Sith Speeder.

Yes! Battery operated means bling bling!

The probe droid (there should be six) comes with the set and I would appreciate a stiffer display stick.

The light features are minimal and can be easily missed.

A scene from the movie and then I realised, NG! Something's wrong with wardrobe!

We will rectify the error later and let's focus on some speeder action. I tried two different locations in my house to see if the light saber could be any brighter but alas, that's the best it can do.

Comparison of the brightness switched off above and on below. Negligible difference.

Closer look at the probe droid.

A couple more shots of Maul on the speeder and this would be probably how I would have displayed him.

Let's do a little 'Joker poses'.

Finally, ending off with some cinematic poses seen in The Phantom Menace.

The error earlier mentioned is I forgotten about the Wrist-link when Maul uses his electrobinoculars.

The story line goes like this...

The sinister looking Sith spacecraft lands on top of a desert mesa at dus,
scattering a herd of banthas. DARTH MAUL walks to the edge of the mesa and
studies the landscape with a pair of electrobinoculars. He picks out the
lights of three different cities in the distance, then pushes buttons on
his electronic armband.

Six football-sized PROBE DROIDS float out of the ship and head off in three
different directions toward the cities.

DARTH MAUL stands on the mesa and watches them through his

This is a must have deluxe set for all Star Wars fan and of all the Darth Maul that I have seen in this scale, Hot Toys really knows how to make toys hot!

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