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Friday, March 12, 2010

Good Things do come small ... ...

My Son's First Gundam Kit

as I discovered today. Received these 1/200 scale Speed Grade Gundam Model kits given to me as gifts by an acquittance from Japan when he visited Singapore this week. Have seen these around but did not know what to expect from the packaging. It is the same scale as the HCM Pro but does it feels like a HCM Pro?

Decided to give one to my son and he chose the RX-78 (as expected) and I took the Wing Gundam. Gave him a little tutorial on kit building; as it was his first and off he went building his while I busy myself with mine. He managed to complete his RX-78 in about 2 hours (1st Photo). I'm proud of what he accomplished.

Didn't have the intention of blogging this so the photos were very randomly snapped. So, here's the Wing semi-complete.

I'm actually quite impressed by this line of this scale because of the details Bandai put into this. The plastic is most probably ABS material thus, very solid feel. The painting is acceptable with occasional smudges here and there. Tampo print on the kit is a plus. The verdict is that this is pretty close to a HCM Pro except that HCM Pro has more detailing and no assembly is required.

Decided to 'pimp my gundam' with my standard customisation tool; pilot marker. The original display base/stand now looks more bling with the golden and silver paint on.

Went on to panel-line the parts and add in more details using the pilot markers.

So, after about 1 hour or so, here is the complete product. NICE was what I told myself and perhaps I will look out for other models to collect if I ever see one around.

My only grime about this is the stand provided. It seems a tad too short and it does not create the 'lift' which gives the impression of flight. The legs are still touching the ground of the base.

The packaging photo really does no justice for this figure and had I not experience one before, I wouldn't pay for it as I decide on what I buy very much on what I see in a packaging.

The package picture looks so plain and unattractive

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