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Monday, March 15, 2010

Mega What ... ...

I reluctantly had to open up MP05; Megatron up due to the fact there are batteries inside as well. I have this in my possession for the past 2 years and it was left alone to collect dust.

The good thing about the packaging is there are no twist ties at all. Actually twist ties applies to MP01 and MP02 only; don't ask me why.

Meggy may be a Masterpiece but the material used doesn't justify it. The overall feel is plastic from head to toe literally. The minimum die cast can be found in joints and that's about it. I was surprised I didn't break anything throughout the photo shoot.

The accessories includes energon sword, a piston, mace with chain and this little guy known as Kremzeek.

Firstly struggled with if I should transform it and then came the greater struggle of transforming it. This figure is one of those transformers which you don't want to transform it too often. However, I think the Walther P38 mode looks so much better than the robot mode.

I bought this upgrade set manufactured by Justitoys the same time I purchased MP05. It is very well made with loads of die cast parts and working barrels that fire bullets. The parts are essential if you want to display Meggy in the traditional G1 gun mode.

Here it is and I am so going to get a display case just to display Meggy in this mode. Until then, I need to transform it back to place it back in the box..........

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