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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Transform and Take Out ... ...

was the intention of why I bother to open up the latest in the Masterpiece series by Takaratomy. However, it is always unintentional actions like this that makes one discover things that may have been forgotten.

The first one would be the number of twist ties there are on the plastic tray. I had spent a good 10 minutes twisting Prime free. Sometimes I wonder if the toy company is trying to deter theft or simply afraid of the toy escaping itself.

Free at last! Nemesis Prime or Convoy (black version) stands tall at around 12" and boy is he heavy. They will never make another masterpiece like this one which must have the most die cast material. This would be my 4th version of Prime with 1 Ultra Magnus.

Let's get to the point of why I have to open Prime up. I am not after the Matrix of Leadership but Prime here is proud about flashing it to us.

Here it is in bright red. Didn't see this coming as the previous versions all have white or was it blue LED?

Prime here would like to show how the power of the Matrix can be unleashed!

The weapons provided are all so familiar and Prime here will give you a brief on what they are. From left, you have the blaster, Megatron in his pistol mode (non-transformable) and the energon axe that is to be attached to either arm.

Oh, a call from Rodimus asking when will Prime give him the Matrix of Leadership.

Why talk to one when you can have conference call capability? Optimus calling to check on the situation with regards to the Matrix.

Ok, enough of horsing around and get to busy. In order to remove the batteries from the LED casing, you need to do some transformation. Once the batteries are out, Prime should stay prime. By the way, transformation is so simple....the manual is simply useless.

Cab mode: I guess the color does make a difference and black is indeed a very strong and appropriate color. The paint work is also better in my opinion as compared to MP04 which was B.A.D.

All right! Prime is all happy about not having to worry about leakage anymore that he decided to pay homage to G1 and transform in that form.
If you just need one Masterpiece and have not collected any. Get this before the price rockets.

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